2012-05-08 | 22:25:04

Justin tog studenten idag!

"I just finished high school. I passed my test — I’m free!. It was hard doing school and work every day. (Graduating) was something my mom really wanted me to do, so I had to do it for her. I mean, this kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life. I’ve been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading. I’m not really into that stuff. I like to be out there. Here’s the thing – I’m my own person. I don’t make my decisions based around what people are going to think about me; I make them based on what I want to do and who I think I want to be. If none of this was happening, if there were no cameras around me, that’s the kind of person I’d want to be – a good person."

Åhh seriöst jag grät! I feel like a proud mama! Tänk dig efter allt hårt jobb han har gjort i studion och mer sen så har han samtidigt gjort skol jobb !


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